Why does Eyesights In Time Studio webpages look so different from those created by other web design companies?

That's simple. The artists are in charge. That way your website appeals to your visitors. Our goal is to recognize that every single page of your website should be a marketing opportunity to encourage your visitor to purchase your product or service, or avail themselves of your provided information.

Do I have to purchase the photography package when I get my website developed?

Absolutely NOT. In fact, the more content you can provide yourself, the cheaper your website will cost to build. Eyesights In Time Studio provides photography services, as well as graphic art and technical writing in order to give you more options. Having a professional photographer can radically change how your products look on film. All of our services can be purchased separately or collectively.

How much does it generally cost to have a website built?

That’s a little more difficult to answer, since every website is different.  Website construction can cost anywhere from our smallest package of just under a hundred dollars to thousands, depending on what you want it to do.  A small site, with just a few pages, with little dynamic architecture, usually is pretty cheap. Eyesights In Time Studio can give you an estimate after our initial "FREE" consultation. We encourage you to compare and contrast our services with those high dollar "encyclopedia type" web design firms. At Eyesights In Time Studio you will get custom, personalized website design, and not an "off-the-shelf" plug in template format.

How much does it cost to operate a website?

The operational cost of a website is pretty cheap. There are two things you will need to purchase beyond the website construction. The first is a website address, often called a URL or Uniform Resource Locater. The address how clients find your website. In general, these addresses cost around $10 per year to register. The second cost is hosting. There are a ton of hosting service providers out there. They will store your webpages on their server, so that anyone who visits your URL address can see those pages! Costs for hosting can be as cheap as $5 or run into the hundreds of dollars depending on the size of your website. Most Eyesights In Time Studio clients average at approximately $12.00 a month.

Can I use the photographs taken for other things?

Yes and no.  As with most professional photographers, Eyesights In Time Studio holds the copyright privileges to all photographs taken unless specifically purchased from us.  This protects the photographer from his or her work being used improperly (like being submitted in a photography contest!).  Eyesights In Time Studio grants usage agreements to our clients for unlimited business and personal use, as well as reproduction privileges.  So make those menus! Make those advertisements!  Blow the best shots up and make posters out of them!

I’ve heard that most web sites need high bandwidth.  Do I?

That all depends on how much traffic you expect your website to generate.  If you are getting thousands of “hits” a day, then yes, you need a higher bandwidth server to handle the load.  Most of our clients are small businesses, whose traffic count is usually local and limited.  Those smaller sites rarely need the sort of bandwidth large corporations use to function.

Is it hard to keep a website operational?

Not particularly.  Pay your server on time and either become your own webmaster or hire a webmaster.  Both Eyesights in Time Studio and Gold Key Computer Solutions, our partner site, provide contract web-mastering and is familiar with our software, methods, and staff.  We do recommend bi-annual “refreshers” encouraging our clients to change photographs, add new material, or even just add extra pages. Visitors will only come back to your website if there is something new to do or see!

Can I be my own Webmaster?

Absolutely! We encourage that! Get hands on! Our technical support partner, Gold Key Computer Solutions offers one on one lessons to teach you how to become your own webmaster. With some minor investment in software and time, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars and keep your website fresh and updated!

Are websites expensive?

Like any retail establishment, it is the start up costs that hurt.  Building a website is the largest cost, but it is a one time expense.  Purchasing the rights to your domain name, as well as paying a server to “host” your website, are both regularly occurring expenses. 

I want people to be able to buy things off my website.  Can you do that?

Absolutely. It’s called a “shopping cart” and they aren’t that complicated to make. If you already have a credit card retail account you can easily accept online purchases and it is just a matter of putting together your product pages.  If you don’t currently accept credit cards, we can help you create a PayPal account to complete online transactions.

I'd like to talk to you about my needs. How much will it cost?

Nothing! Our initial consultation is absolutely free! So give us a call and hit is with those questions!