Everyone has heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. In many ways this is true.  Pictures motivate people to read your words, providing a tangible and concrete image to build upon.  Getting the right sort of pictures to provide that foundation is an important factor in having a successful website.  Eyesights In Time Studio specializes in product, landscape, and candid photography. Our photography services are designed to give clients professional level photography without paying high fees.

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Photography Package

Shooting - Prices vary based upon number of subjects to photograph and complexity of setting. Eyesights In Time Studio handles primarily product photography, location shots, and candids.

Retouch - including color saturation adjustment, cropping for web design fit, watermarking, and Adobe Photoshop enhancement. We also provide retouch services for client owned photography.

Digital Image Package - get your very own digital copies of your photographs for use in advertising, web-design, and more!

Copyright - While Eyesights In Time Studio holds the copyright for all pictures taken, we grant exclusive business and personal use rights to our clients! Did we take a picture that you'd like to use later for a poster or an advertisement? Go right ahead!