Technical Writing

Technical writing is an important aspect of web design, because as good as pictures are, they don't tell the visitor everything they want to know. Technical writing is an advanced, formal writing style that is used in scientific, technical, legal, and marketing arenas using the written word to express specific concepts. Imagine a catalog. The pictures attract the eye, but interested customers always read the product descriptions!

Eyesights In Time Studio has a long history of producing quality publications for both print publishing and websites. From biographies to product descriptions, Eyesights In Time Studio can create articles, blog posts, manuals, training guides, and even worksheets and forms for your business. We can complete research, blocking, formatting, and all of the necessary writing!

We collate novel length works, provide reviews, blog posts, synopsis, and press releases. For some examples of our technical writing capability, please check out our portfolio page.


Marketing Biography

One of our primary and most often purchased works is our marketing biography. Despite the technological age we live in, customers still want to know the person they are purchasing a service or product from. Written from a marketing perspective, a biography is another way to not only advertise a particular product or service, but enhances a visitor's perception of those products and services. While cognizant of security and personal information, our marketing biographies emphasize your talents, skills, and experience while relating to your product or service. For a great example, check out Eyesights In Time Studio owner Brian Kern's biography.

(Single Page) with emphasis on business, service, or product credentials. $60.00

All other products are time based with a base price of $30.00 per hour.