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Website design is all about bringing information to others in a dynamic and powerful way. When we start the creative process of web design, we examine the needs of the client, as well as their customers in order to bring together the best possible product. Eyesights In Time Studio looks at audience demographics, marketing, communication, information architecture, and photography when building new websites.

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A decade ago, the primary method business used to get in touch with their customers was print publishing and television. Intermittent commercial breaks, mass mailers, the Sunday paper, and even the flyers placed on car windshields were the predominant method of telling consumers just what product and services were available. Technology however has moved us forward, providing an interactive marketing tool that allows business to target their customers. The Internet allows businesses to provide additional information, and even expand the message beyond the thirty seconds of expensive television time, or the boundaries of print advertisements. 


Having a website can mean different things to different people. Whether you need a website to provide information to visitors, or are trying to sell your merchandise, having a clearly defined goal for your website is a must. In many ways, it is like having a company motto… “to bring you the best website content… EVER!” Just as you set goals for your business, it is important to set goals for your website. Growth to meet customer needs, expansion of services, modification of on-site tools, and general improvements are all parts of the retail business. They are all parts of website design and development as well. With short and long term goals you can judge the success of your website and where it can be improved.


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Customer Demographics

Most businesses have a keen idea of who their customers are. They see them day in and day out, walking through the front door. The internet however, isn’t so easily examined. Before creating a website, it is a good idea to conceptualize WHO will be visiting your location, and design it with that demographic in mind. If you sell dolls, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to create a masculine appearing website, complete with animated motorcycles running across the bottom of the screen. Vice versa, if you sell Harley Davidson motorcycles, pink might not be the best color selection for your page background. Customer demographics also affect content, its presentation, and format. If you are creating a website for children, simple, easy to read fonts, with bright colors, and lots of interactive content is probably the best way to go. We also take into consideration the average computer specifications of your intended audience, as well as their expertise in navigating the internet! In many ways we work to make sure that your website’s “throughput”, from introduction to satisfied customer, is quick, easy, and satisfying.


What you put on your website is even more important than the way it is presented. Having a clear and concise idea of the purpose of your website, what you want it to accomplish, and how you want it to function provides the necessary tools for creating a functional and working website. Do you sell a service or a product? Then having pictures and descriptions allows visitors to examine your merchandise or service and choose to become a customer. This is your opportunity to create targeted, detailed marketing, with a captive audience that is yours to win or lose.


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Eyesights In Time Studio makes an effort to test all of their designed websites on a variety of browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. As technology advances, older browsers sometimes are unable to fully exploit certain advancements, and inoperable website functions are rarely reported by visitors. We take your website’s functionality and compatibility seriously, and check the four most commonly used browsers to make sure your website’s visitors are getting the best experience available.


Eyesights In Time offers a free thirty minute consultation to answer your internet questions about marketing, domain names, search engine optimization, blogs, and give you the necessary information to decide if a website is right for you, or if a site redesign is a good idea.
When you’ve made the decision to create or improve your website, we will sit down with you for an extended consultation to map out your new website! We’ll design compatible information architecture, create a site map, and conceptualize the visual and interactive elements of your website so that we have a roadmap of where your website is going.

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